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Majid Amini

Amini, Majid, PhD



Phone: 804-524-5555
Location: Colson Hall, Room 101J

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Philosophy, University of London, 1999
B.A. (First Class Honors), Philosophy, University of London, 1986

Research and Teaching Interest

Philosophical Logic, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophy of Religion, Postcolonial Philosophical Thought

Representative Scholarly Activity

  • 'Language of Thought and Mental Logic', Shibboleths: A Journal of Comparative Theory and Criticism, 5: 17-28, 2018
  • 'Language and Logic of Mind', Cogito, X (3): 7-20, 2018 (Co-authored with Niloufar Jafari)
  • 'Theistic Ethics: A Conceptual Cartography', The Reasoner, 12 (9): 69-71, 2018
  • Language Bioprogramme Hypothesis: Emergence of Pidgins and Creoles and the Evolution of Language', Euromentor Journal, VIII (4): 19-38, 2017 (Co-authored with Niloufar Jafari)
  • 'On the Relationship Between Ethics and Religion', Cogito, IX (4): 51-56, 2017
  • 'Nativism and Identity Politics', Wadabagei: A Journal of the Caribbean and Its Global Diasporas, 16 (1): 11-30, 2016
  • 'Theological Revisionism', Cogito, VIII (2): 49-55, 2016
  • 'Theoretical Desiderata on Psychologically Plausible Theories', Euromentor Journal, VII (2): 7-23, 2016 (Co-authored with Niloufar Jafari)
  • 'Ricoeur and the Atheist Other', Minerva, 19: 25-36, 2015
  • 'Who Is the Native? Reflections from Fanon, Césaire, and Brathwaite', Cogito, VII (2): 7-17, 2015
  • 'On the Very Idea of Innateness', Euromentor Journal, V (1): 7-34, 2014 (Co-authored with Niloufar Jafari)
  • 'Ricoeur and the Religious Significance of Atheism', Cogito, V (3): 7-14, 2013
  • 'Mill's Proof of Hedonism', The Reasoner, 7: 118-19, 2013
  • 'Gettier's Assumptions', Cogito, V (2): 7-10, 2013
  • 'Is Ethical Relativism Self-Stultifying?', The Reasoner, 7: 18-19, 2013
  • 'Linguistic Innateness on A Priori Logical Grounds', Cogito, V (1): 40-51, 2013 (Co-authored with Niloufar Jafari)
  • 'Globalization and Education: A Philosophical Perspective on Intellectual Adaptability', Euromentor Journal, III (3): 7-21, 2012
  • 'Satanic Verses or an Epistemic Dilemma?', Cogito, IV (3): 12-21, 2012
  • 'Do Adolescents Have Identity? A Conceptual Critique', Euromentor Journal, III (2): 24-35, 2012 (Co-authored with Niloufar Jafari)
  • 'Boghossian's Refutation of Relativism', International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, 1 (2): 79-103, 2011 (Co-authored with Christopher Caldwell)
  • 'Fodor and the Impossibility of Learning', in Just the Arguments, ed. M. Bruce and S. Barbone, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
  • 'Fodor's Argument for Linguisitic Nativism', in Just the Arguments, ed. M. Bruce and S. Barbone, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
  • 'How Relativist Are Sceptics?', Cogito, III (1): 6-15, 2011
  • 'Allegories of Reason: Eurocentrism and Native Philosophical Resistance', Culture, Theory and Critique, 51: 29-45, 2010
  • 'Does "One Cannot Know" Entail "Everyone Is Right"?', Forum Philosophicum, 15: 103-118, 2010 (Co-authored with Christopher Caldwell)
  • 'Religious Identity', International Journal of Public Theology, 3: 443-459, 2009 (26)
  • 'Omnipotence and the Vicious Circle Principle', Forum Philosophicum, 14: 247-258, 2009
  • 'The Red Herring of Logical Impossibility', The Reasoner, 3: 5-6, 2009
  • ‘Atheism à la Ricoeur’, 114th Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division, Savannah (GA), USA, January 2018
  • ‘Caribbean Philosophy, Creolisation, and Postcolonial Mimicry’, 41st Annual Conference of Society for Caribbean Studies, University of Essex, UK, July 2017
  • ‘Anselm’s Atonement: Scholastic Reason and Modern Rationality’, Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers, Toronto, Canada, May 2017
  • ‘Anselm’s Economy of Salvation and Modernity’, The Sixth Saint Anselm Conference, Saint Anselm College, Manchester (NH), USA, April 2017
  • ‘A Faith for a Post-Religious Age’, The Challenge of God Conference: Continental Philosophy and the Catholic Intellectual Heritage, Loyola Chicago University, Chicago (IL), USA, April 2016
  • ‘The Terror of Identity’, 28th Annual Conference of Concerned Philosophers for Peace, Baltimore (MD), USA, October 2015
  • ‘From Absolute to Maximal God: Would that solve the problem?’, Eastern Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers, Messiah College (PA), USA, September 2015
  • ‘Logical and Non-Logical Lexicons: Was Tarski right that there are no objective grounds to draw a sharp boundary between them?’, 5th World Congress on Universal Logic, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2015
  • ‘Locke on the Limits of Toleration’, 86th Virginia Social Science Association Annual Conference, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond (VA), USA, April 2013
  • ‘Can the Maximal God Save God?’, 64th Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference, Corvallis (OR), USA, October 2012
  • ‘Paradox Lost and Gained’, 86th Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division, Seattle (WA), USA, April 2012
  • ‘Do Adolescents Have Identity?’, 84th Virginia Social Science Association Annual Conference, Old Dominion University, Norfolk (VA), USA, March 2011
  •  ‘Philo Revisiting Revelation’, 84th Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division), San Francisco (CA), USA, April 2010
  • ‘Is Language an Organic Being?’, Celebration of Darwin: A Conference on Darwin’s Origin, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg (VA), USA, November 2009
  • ‘Ricoeur and the Religious Significance of Atheism’, Society for Ricoeur Studies Annual Conference, George Mason University, Arlington (VA), USA, November 2009
  • ‘Erikson’s Concept of Adolescent Identity’, 21st Annual Meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry, San Francisco (CA), USA, May 2009 
  • ‘Justice and the Role of Religion’, First Annual Conference on Social Justice: In the Pursuit of Change, Virginia State University, Petersburg (VA), USA, April 2013
  • ‘Divine Power and Its Paradoxes’, Institute for Philosophy in Public Life, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (ND), USA, October 2011
  • ‘Can God Square the Circle?’ Philosophy for All, Minnesota State University, Moorhead (MN), USA, October 2011 

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • Bank of America Outstanding Faculty Award, Year: 2013
  • Research Fellowship, Topic: Public Theology and Religious Identity, Funding Agency: Institute for Philosophy in Public Life, University of North Dakota, Duration: Fall 2011
  • Research Grant, Position: Co-Principal Investigator, Funding Agency: US National Science Foundation, Funding Value: US$1,062,560, Duration: Three Years (2007/10), Project: Methods of Enhancing Cognitive and Critical Thinking Skills

Representative Service Activity

  • American Philosophical Association, Member of Committee on Lectures, Publications, and Research, 2011-14
  • American Philosophical Association, Chair of the Joseph B. Gittler Book Award in Philosophy of Social Sciences, 2013-14
  • Editor of the Journal of Chinese, Indian and Islamic Cultural Relations, 2007-10
  • Reviewer: McGraw-Hill Publishers, Oxford University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Pearson Prentice Hall Publishers, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Information Science Reference Publishers, Florida Philosophical Review, Journal for General Philosophy of Science, Synthese
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