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Social Work Program of Study

SOWK 210           Introduction to Generalist Social Work Practice

SOWK 260           History of Social Welfare Policy (1600 – Present)

SOWK 315           Social Work Research I

SOWK 318           Writing for the Social Work Profession

SOWK 320           Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

SOWK 321           Human Behavior and the Social Environment II

SOWK 330           Diversity and Cultural Competency in Social Work Practice

SOWK 340           Social Welfare Policy & Services

SOWK 370           Generalist Practice I:  Individuals (Micro)

SOWK 375           Generalist Practice II:  Families & Groups (Mezzo)

SOWK 395           Social Work Practice Elective and/or Independent Study

SOWK 399           Field Instruction I and Seminar (Junior Internship)

SOWK 475           Generalist Practice III:  Communities & Organizations (Macro)

SOWK 490           Professional Field Practicum I and Seminar (Senior Internship)

SOWK 495           Advance Social Work Elective (Selected Topics in Social Work)

  • Child Welfare in Social Work Practice
  • Homelessness and Social Work Practice
  • Trauma and Resilience in Social Work Practice
  • Independent Study

SOWK 498           Senior Capstone Integrative Seminar

SOWK 499           Professional Field Practicum II and Seminar

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