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Sociology and Criminal Justice

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in two areas: Sociology and Criminal Justice. These programs prepare students for a wide range of career options in teaching, practice, and research. Majors are educated for maximum flexibility, with emphasis on developing communications, data analysis skills, and the ability to think critically.

The Sociology curriculum offers general education on different major aspects of sociological knowledge. Majors in Sociology are prepared for graduate and professional schools and for direct entry into administrative positions in the major corporate and public sectors; positions in social research, social services, business, teaching, and military. Students whose objectives are law, ministry, business management, higher education, politics, government, and the military will be uniquely qualified for success in graduate and professional schools upon completion of this baccalaureate program.

This Department also offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Criminal Justice is a discipline dedicated to studying how the criminal justice system (police, courts, and corrections) utilizes social control measures in dealing with criminal behavior. A criminal justice programs provide students with a comprehensive, broad-based liberal arts education and analysis of six major fields of criminal justice; juvenile justice, law enforcement, corrections, court procedures, forensic investigation, and criminal justice research.

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